Tornado in Lot on May 22: a first for this department of France

A tornado was observed in the Lot department Sunday, May 22, 2016. The phenomenon was filmed by Loïc Setan, from the west of the town of Saint-Cere. The tornado passed in the municipality of Saint-Vincent-du-Pendit, about 2.5 km from the observer, in an area marked relief, located on average around 400 meters.

A strong suction on the video is noted in the base cover, with a well structured and rapid rotation a few tens of meters above the ground. The cyclonic movement is chaotic close to the ground and tends to deconstruct as the minutes as a result of terrain features, both hilly and wooded. However, aspiration is obvious to the ground is assigned a rotary movement which phases accelerating.
Note that this is the first recorded tornado to date on the Lot, which gives the phenomenon an original character.

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