Thunderball in Astrakhan. Russia

Thunderball in Astrakhan, passed through the open window and set fire to the kitchen of apartment

In the center of Astrakhan in one of the apartments on Lenin Street, 50 flew fireball, reports “Astrakhan 24“. According to the owners of the apartment, the window was closed, the red-hot ball passed through it. Lightning burned out of the kitchen. Fortunately, there were people at home, so the fire was quickly localized and extinguished.
This can be a UFO energy of nature.

Thunderball only fractions of a second can exist in terms of atmosphere and gravity.
The plasma ball lightning tends to disintegrate and dissolve. Energy quickly excised, especially such a ball can fly and move around.

A witness describes the flying ball who introduced himself as if he was intelligently controllable or have some consciousness.

“Some kind of a ball-like grapefruit, orange clot flew into the pipe or outlet. Looked up the gas hose and began to snake Mahal “, – he told TV” Lotus “landlady Julia Zadorozhna.

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