The huge disc-shaped UFO or secret military technology

eyewitness reports

Large pulsating UFO mother ship captured over Mudgee.N.S.W.Australia.19.04.2016. 5:am.
The camera was used: CANON.X A.25.

Huge UFO appearing over major cities.

The history
June 26, 1999 UFO Laszlo Novak captures video giant disc-shaped object
the city Mudgee Mudgee in Australia.

Video Eyewitness 1999

19 April 2016 over the city reappears giant object observed for a long time, and in 1999, and in 2016 the official media completely ignore the phenomenon.
Complete peace of mind keep the military, was not raised a single interceptor, and even helicopters to repel the attack of conditional enemy.

Video on April 19, 2016 Australia

Video length of 6 minutes.
  To respond air defense and interceptor aircraft should be no more than 3 minutes.
It turns out that the military ignored the unidentified object (UFO).

One gets the impression that the military knew about this.
  The government completely ignored the giant object about 300 meters in diameter hovering over the city.

I assume that the two captured surveillance video, related,
perhaps two objects in the sky is not quite UFO unidentified objects and secret military prototypes.

Giant ships, using anti-gravity as a movable force
have active camouflage making them completely invisible.
It’s not quite the Australian Government’s technology, they can belong to standing up a world government organization run by Freemasons controlled by the Sumerians, entities alien origin.
The Sumerians monitor the development and progress in their chosen people,
similar technologies.

Perhaps the city with a population of less than 10,000 people became a part of a large military training area, and themselves secret devices on the similarity of the UFO take off from the nearest underground base in the desert.
Of course, very few people believe, but look at this.

Triangular-shaped UFO over Turkey, April 3, 2016 the details of the witness here
Date of sighting: April 3, 2016
Location of sighting: Antalya

This is not a classic UFO sighting,
exactly the same object that already appeared earlier,
September 22, 2015, over Australia in Sydney.

Triangle UFO over Australia September 22, 2015 photos

Another triangle UFO in the USA October 18, 2016
FL, US 2015-10-18
Description of Sighting Report
 I wake up most days at this time. My daily routine is to go on my front porch which faces West and smoke a cigarette before getting a cup of coffee. There is a small overhang over the porch. I have a standard chair that I sit in and I put my feet on a guardrail in front of the chairs. When I do that it causes my butt to slide forward and lets me face the sky where I look every morning. It helps me enjoy the coffee and wake slowly. I was almost done with my smoke and was getting ready to get up. Don’t think this is funny, but when I noticed this thing, I thought it was a flock of geese. (I hadn’t had my coffee yet so my brain was a bit slow.) Then my logic clicked in and I realized that geese aren’t lighted, they wobble and bob around flying, I can’t recall ever seeing geese at night, and it was way too fast. The only thing that resembled geese was the shape. It was a perfect geese like V-shape of lights. It was cloudy. The thin clouds like fog and they were low so all I saw were the v-shaped lights moving smoothly. I would say it was moving about the same speed as an airplane would. I just thought it was weird that something would fly in that area, because I live less than a 1/4 mile in the path of an airport, and a usual plane from that airport would fly right into it. I had a thought that they could have it on radar probably. Because of the wispy clouds all I could see were the lights. I would guess that it was a triangle, but it would be a guess. I looked online and found a nearly identical image of what I saw. It looked exactly like the picture of the V-shaped lights in Yantai, Shandong, China. It was just strange that there was no sound at all from it. I stood up and watched it fly in that straight line out of sight. I will have my camera ready from now on. The photo attached isn’t one I took, but very close to what I saw. I found this picture online.

All countries where seen these UFOs are members of the NATO alliance,
  then they controlled the whole army to one supreme authority.

NATO countries have their own division to intercept and search for UFOs, if everything was quiet and did not send to the interception unit “men in black” then it was “their UFO.”
It turns out that the UFO in Turkey, this new technology a secret world government units.

The giant disc-shaped object over Australia
I hovered over the city using an anti-gravity,
Witnesses who watched “Triangle” and “disk-shaped” UFO
  just watched the object hovering in the air in one place, and then he disappeared into nowhere, that is, the flight was not observed, the object or switch the stealth mode, to all appearances, or teleport to another location.

Look at the materialization of triangular-shaped UFO in November 2015 over Australia, Melbourne.
Filmed through the night vision device,
  sensitive to the invisible infrared range for the human eye.

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