Skeletons and elongated skulls, Mexico. Hybrids aliens.

National Museum of Anthropology, Merida, Yucatan

This is a Mexican Mummy with an elongated skull. There are hundreds of mummies found in Mexico and displayed to the public. This mummy you can see an elongated skull, i am not sure whether it is hereditary by high neotony or if the skull was elongated artificially. This is an interesting specimen, the height and brain size is unknown.

This is the cave in Mexico in which the mummy was found. It would seem that this may have been an ideal position to defend oneself from very large predators.
~Chris L Lesley Source

Мексика вытянутые черепа

Onavas, Mexico
Some elongated skulls were found in a small village in Mexico, called Onavas. From the 25 skeletons found, 13 had “deformed” heads. Archeologists cannot accept the possibility of non-human beings, and thus always resort to the idea of cranial deformation, as it is claimed in this find too. Five of them had a different kind of teeth, which they called dental deformation or disfiguration. It is estimated that they died around 1000 years age. One of them was a woman, the rest were men. Article appeared in the DailyMailUK which gave as its source Cristina Garcia Moreno, director of the research project and working on behalf of Arizona State University with approval of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH). I found the original story (in Spanish) on the INAH website under the title Descubren restos de pimas con deformación craneal (released on Dec 19, 2012). The images come from their video.
In the first picture you can clearly see, that the skull has features that are not present in human skulls: The content of the skull is about twice that of a human; the eye sockets are very different, and it has something that looks like a sagittal crest, a thick bony ridge starting between the eyes going up the skull.