Elongated Humanoid and Aliens Skulls in Bolivia

Tiwanaco, La Paz, Bolivia
Tiwanaku, a mummy in a curled up position (carbon 14 dated as from the 4th to 7th century):
Massive Elongated Humanoid Skulls Of Oruro Bolivia
Elongated human skulls are found in many ancient places around the world, but Bolivia and Peru have more sizes and shapes than anywhere else.

In the 2010 Klaus Dona interview by Bill Ryan (from Project Camelot), which you can find on YouTube, Klaus Dona is showing a find nearby the ancient site of Puma Punku (which is near Tiwanaku, Bolivia). The skeleton was 2.6m long (8.5 feet). The skull is elongated and, as Klaus points out, this skull does not have the sagittal suture that humans have. This is a remarkable difference, making this being definitely not Homo Sapiens. Here are the slides from the video:

Klaus Dona : The Hidden History of the Human Race (March 2010)

The following drawing shows a human skull which has the sagittal suture running from the top of the head towards the back. This makes the human skull having three skull plates, while the elongated skull above only has two skull plates.
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