Bright glowing orb UFO in the US

Date of sighting: 2016-05-25

Location: Gainesville, FL, US

Long Description of Sighting Report
My son was running behind our house at sunset in a wooded area, beneath power lines on 25 May 2016. At 20:55 he saw an orange globe-shaped object silently hovering in place in the western sky. He ran toward it to get closer, stopped and took two pictures. Two beams of light appeared below the craft, but did not reach the ground. The beams appeared to be part of the propulsion system as moments after the beams appeared, the object slowly moved to the east. The beams did not point straight down, instead were slightly angled outward. He lost view of the object as it slowly moved behind the trees to the east. He texted me to come see an odd object in the sky, I ran out there, but it had disappeared behind the trees at that point. We ran down the hill to see if we could see it, but it was gone.