Tornado in Düren 27 May 2016

On Friday morning (27 May 2016), a tornado has formed in the region of a strong chill in Düren (NRW). A video shows a almost to the ground reaching down funnel cloud (English: Funnelcloud), which is the visible by condensation part of a vertebra, the invisible continues downward. If the vertebral ground contact, there is a tornado.
The Tornado was able to observe for about 10 minutes Andy Wood. he recorded in Hürtgenwald-Vossenack with west view the video. The time was between 10:53 and 11:05 Central European Summer Time.
This photo has us Sonja Bahr sent. Thanks a lot for this. It was taken at the small ring road in Hürtgenwald Raffelsbrand towards Stolberg looking (west / northwesterly direction of view).