The X-Files files and documents about UFOs region of Australia 20th century.

The National Archives holds a number of records relating to unidentified flying objects (UFOs), flying saucers and other unidentified aerial sightings. Most of these records date from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, when public interest in UFOs was high and many sightings were reported to Commonwealth authorities.

There was no specific government agency responsible for the collecting and analysing these sightings, so responsibility fell on the Department of Air. The Department collected reports from defence force members, pilots and air traffic controllers, meteorologists and the general public. During the peak of interest in UFOs the department investigated some reports, trying to establish whether the sighting could be attributed to low flying aircraft, weather balloons or meteorological phenomena.
Reports were also collected by other agencies involved in air safety, research and intelligence, including the CSIRO, the Joint Intelligence Organisation, the Weapons Research Establishment at Maralinga, and the Department of Transport. The Department of Territories kept reports from Papua New Guinea.

UFO High Impact – Westall and the amazing wave of 1966 – 50th anniversary

By Australian UFO expert BILL CHALKER
 are some personal images that reflect my own engagement with that awesome year in Australian UFO history: 
being interviewed by the History Channel on Tully with Sydney Harbour bridge as backdrop
with Albert Pennisi, the owner of Horseshoe Lagoon – site of the famous daylight UFO incident in January 1966 – photo with Albert taken at UFO Research Qld’s 2006 conference; 
the 3 “UFO amigos” at Westall in 2006 – Shane Ryan, George Simpson and me; at the Westall UFO theme park in 2015
at Westall school in 2005

in the Department of Defence in 1982 taking over the DPR’s desk examining the RAAF’s UFO files

at Burkes Flat in 1980 pointing at the tree that Ron Sullivan hit in 1966 when his car headlight beams bent in the presence of a UFO (Gary Taylor tragically died colliding with the same tree a few days later)

with the 2 powerhouses behind the excellent documentary Westall ’66 – a suburban UFO mystery – Carmel McAloon & Rosie Jones in 2006 at Westall

drawing reconstruction of Victor Zackary’s Westall experience in 1966.

1966 was an extraordinary year for high impact UFO events. Tully, Burkes Flat and Westall are the most prominent of these. There are other physical trace stories and events far stranger, such as apparent abduction events during that same year, long before such experience became a major part of the generally accepted UFO controversy. There is much more to be revealed about the extraordinary year of 1966.