UFO crashes, disable Stealth Mode

Rather UFO lost partial control, and its mode of optical invisibility has failed.

Location of sighting: Howell, MI

Date: April 12, 2016

Long Description of Sighting Report
My son and I were sitting in the hobby lobby parking lot waiting for my other son to come out when we noticed a bright golden/yellow Spherical object high up in the northwest sky. It was very bright and appeared out of nowhere. It changed direction back-and-forth from right to left and back back again over a great distance very fast. It wound up in the southwest part of the sky and then began its descent at a fast speed. It also swayed back-and-forth as it was descending. We lost sight of it after it descended behind the building from our viewpoint however I feel that the object was a great distance away. Because of its distance we did not feel threatened but we were astonished that we witnessed what we did. We did not know what the object was when it appeared nor do we know what it was after we lost sight of it. The video is only about 20 seconds long however approximately 20 seconds transpired before we are able to get out the iphone and video record it.
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