The Indian River drains out for the first time revealing incredible ancient secrets

For the first time in history, a combination of drought and overconsumption of water have pushed the river in India, the Shamala river in Karnataka to its limits, revealing under its bank secrets that have shocked the archaeological community. The receding river has revealed the presence of thousands of Shiva Lingas which were carved in the distant past along the river bed.


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The place referred to as “Sahasralinga” (thousand Shiva Lingas in Sanskrit) has become an extremely important pilgrimage site and thousands of people visit Sahasralinga offering their prayers to Lord Shiva. Shiva Lingas Shiva Lingas or the Lingam is a representation of the Hindu deity Shiva, it issued in temples for worship.
Located near Sirsi, in the state of Karnataka, Sashasralinga is one of the most beautiful places in the entire country, representing divine power, and positive energy. The countless shiva lingas discovered due to the drought are proof that there are a number of places on our planet that still hold secret of our ancestors, secrets that are slowly but surely coming out into the world, so we can hopefully preserve them adequately and pay respect to their tradition and historical value.
Here are some of the images of the incredible carvings at the Shamala River.
Tushar Jadhav – Thousands of lingas Carved at Sahasraling Sirsi
Tushar Jadhav – Thousands of lingas Carved on the stones in the river…
Tushar Jadhav – Sahasra-Thousands of lingas Carved at Sahasraling- Sirsi

Achyuth Padmanabh
Achyuth Padmanabh 

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