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Forensic Anthropology and Forensic
Science in the News

New method could help estimate time of
death for a ten-day-old corpse

In any
murder investigation, one of the most crucial questions is when the victim
died. Accurately pinning down the time of death helps forensic teams to track
down the whereabouts of their suspects – and whether they had an alibi.  Read more
at The Conversation.

research on how skulls fracture could impact child abuse cases

The years that Todd Fenton, Roger Haut and their
research team spent smashing infant pig skulls in a lab at Michigan State
University could change the way forensic scientists interpret skull fractures
in children and the way they determine what’s child abuse and what’s not.  Read more
at the Lansing State Journal

Colombia to exhume Medellin graves: official (via @CAHIDuod in Twitter)

Colombian authorities will this month begin the
grisly task of carrying out what could be the largest exhumation of unmarked
graves in the conflict-torn country’s history, local media reported Sunday.  Read more
at Yahoo! News.

in the News

Skeleton from medieval battlefield goes on display at York museum

skeleton of a warrior who fought in one of England’s bloodiest battles has gone
on display in a York museum.  Read
more at The York Press.

Mass Grave Reveals Ottoman Soldiers
Fought To The Death In 16th Century Romania
 (via @DrKillgrove on Twitter)

On November 13, 1594, Michael the Brave
summoned his subjects in the client state of Wallachia
to rise up against the Ottoman Empire.  Read
more at Forbes


Russian police just published a guide
to taking selfies without killing yourself
@TheGoodDeath on Twitter)

One Corpse for Art

(via @wunderkamercast on

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