Kyshtym alien mummy newest photos

Source of the photos is unknown.

But the origin of the photos can tell the quality with which they are made.
Ideal over a clear focus on showing the smallest details of the mummy.
Photos follow under special lighting, of course the original photo resolution is much higher.
On one of the photos mummy placed in a transparent plastic box open.
So usually exhibited at private auctions, and photo quality is likely taken from the brochures for visitors to the auction.
We can say that the dwarf from Kyshtym was sold or resold at some private not legitimate auction.
A strange, little being found nearby Kyshtym, in Chelyabinsk region, Russia.
Kyshtym is a town in Chelyabinsk Oblast, a Federal Subject of Russia, located on the eastern slopes of the Southern Ural Mountains 90 kilometers (56 mi) northwest of Chelyabinsk.
It is often called the Kyshtym alien because the mummified corpse was analyzed in a hospital in the city of Kyshtym. The being itself was found in the village Kaolinovyy, just south of Kyshtym.
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