Crop circles, first recorded in 2016 in the Netherlands, April 8

Author photos and finds Robbert van den Broeke
Author Photography with quadrocopters – Yvonne

Robbert van den Broeke says of himself as a UFO contactees with, as it was his contacts with UFOs help him find the following.
This is certainly possible, but nothing good comes out of UFO contacts, contactors keep people in illusion.
Circles formed on April 8 the next day, the author, posted a video with a flying saucer hovering over the house, in the description by adding that this UFO of those with whom a long time in contact.

Video 9 April 2019 Netherlands

Narration: Why long time preparing for the meeting with the UFO, not prepared in advance of the set quality equipment?
This suggests that the video is not real, and the poor quality of shooting, hides the details to make it more difficult to determine authenticity.
However, most do not part with their smartphones.
Crop circles in the Netherlands, April 8, 2016
Location Hoeven in Noord-Brabant
Explanation of Crop Circles and Ancient Aliens

Explanation of crop circles, ancient aliens, history of the Masons and the Knights Templar

Watch in this film
In this film, we will tell about the found artifacts of the south of France, related to aliens, as we call them Sumerians.

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