Chupacabra in Russia, Rostov region, March 2016

Under Volgodonsk fixed Chupacabra attack on man

The first night the owner found dead chickens. They had holes in the neck. The birds themselves were not eaten. Thus the speech of wolves or foxes can not be. The more that local residents last saw them in the last century. The following night the man himself faced with the Chupacabra, when he heard the noise, he decided to go to the chicken coop. The man said he had miraculously survived. Ostensibly Chupacabra clutched his teeth into his leg. What saved him only that it had been put on the boots.

Location on the map


April 1, 2016, early in the morning frightened resident of the hamlet Marina Roscha, that in the Rostov region, called our office and said that night in his chicken coop a being arranged very real carnage.

Our crew quickly went to the scene and now, at the gates of the house, where there was a night attack, we were met by the owners, who spent a sleepless night, defending himself from the terrible beast.

Says an eyewitness
For two consecutive nights some strange things have come. The first night the chickens almost human voice screaming. Yes, my wife and I were so scared, afraid to leave that. Thought can wolves. Although from our wolves. They have for a long time all shot. In the morning we went to the chicken coop. And there are thirty of the fifty hens lay dead. All necks are broken, they are holes like bite, and like vampires sucked all the blood. There was not a drop of blood. Everything is clear. That night, the same situation: two hours a night staged a hubbub chickens. I do not resist. Took’s the shovel and went to the chicken coop. Although my wife and discouraged. I went, and it sits there. Whether a kangaroo, or bald dog. The hind legs are strong. A front and a hen keeps the blood from it sucks. So I gave this as a shovel on this tvaryuge. And she threw herself at me. At least the boots were. And that would have bitten through his leg. And just tore his pants. I do not know now what to do. I called the village council. And they say that it is necessary to drink less. So I’ll not drink at all.

I do not know, I do not want to even think that it was vampires. On the chickens’ necks were smooth bite very sharp teeth. The wounds are not torn, and very neat.


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