Bright man-made UFOs over the United States

Date of sighting: 10/16/2015

Long Description of Sighting Report

I was in the House taking out the trash.about 2:11am 10/16/2015,couldn’t sleep.I saw this Bright Gold Light with a green ring around it. the flash got my attention,their was only a couple of clouds at that time But at first I thought it was lightning,no sound just a glow in the cloud.the flash of the sighting was so fast it was hard to take a picture But I got one just by Luck.I started feeling nauseated, I felt that I was being put to thing the UFO Sighting was gone when I open my eyes,But it returned the next night again.I could hear a strange sound in the sky above me.this time I was in side the house in Bed. me and my wife we sleep in different rooms.I fell back to sleep but when I woke up I felt very weak with bad headaches,and real bad pain in my back.somethings I can’t say what else Happened to me it’s to deep,let me pass up on time=,it’s about a month ago it’s now 2016,about 12:45am I felt to go out side,as I was looking up and nothing, it was a pitch Black night,next thing I new my left leg started Burning really bad the pain was so unbearable,that night I thought I got bit by a spider,but no spider only pain it looked like white milk coming out It look like I was branded like a cow.I never I never seen a mark like this in my life,the pain knocked me out.the next day it was a small mark on my left leg.above my knee and up to this day I still have it. someone said to me it;s called scoop marks I couldn’t see what was coming at me but something was in my yard I lost about a half hour of time when this happened to me it’s hard to explain unless you’ve been through it you know what I am talking about,it’ the real thing.we are not alone.thank you for your time.
Detailed video

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