Bright ‘fireball’ meteor seen over New Zealand.

Jono Matla Photography
Witnesses have reported seeing a bright fireball type meteor over much of New Zealand at about 9.00 pm local time on Tuesday 5 April 2016. The meteor has been reported by people across North Island, as well as on northern South Island in the area around Nelson. The fireball has been described as being initially orange, then turning bright green, which may give some idea as to its composition; orange can be indicative of a variety of materials, including carbonates, while green is often indicative of iron – a change in colour may indicate that the oter layer of the meteorite was made up of a different material to the inner.

Video of a meteor captured by Peter Firmin on the 5th of April 2016, in Rai Valley, South Island of New Zealand
This large meteor may be burned in an atmosphere UFO, falling from space.

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