Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs in Australia

Not only do many researchers believe these glyphs are authentic, the scribes accurately used several ancient hieroglyphs and ‘grammatical’ variations which, crucially, were not even documented in Egyptian hieroglyphic until recent times.

According to research, the hieroglyphs were first sighted in the 1900’s and there are about 250 stone carvings that have been part of the local folklore of the area for over a century, so it’s not something that has been discovered recently. Media coverage of the discovery has been minimal, which is when you think about it a good thing, preserving this incredible ancient site that can rewrite history books, but there is only one small problem. Mainstream scholars firmly believe; the incredible Gosford Glyphs are nothing more than a hoax. However, several researchers firmly disagree.
Could Ancient Egyptians Have Explored Australia?
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