Secret underground base for UFOs in China

A secret underground base for UFOs

Video from Google Earth

Near one of the conventional military airfields and one ordinary spaceport is unusual pyramidal structure with entrances for ground transportation and on the top pad for the unidentified aircraft.


The pictures of different years on a small take-off platform of the pyramid found two different unidentified object.
This unidentified object stands on a platform in the form of retractable stands
The second object was photographed as if suspended in the air a few meters above the surface.
Easily browse the shadow cast by them.
Dimensions of  site and its length indicates that the aircraft used a vertical takeoff and landing.
Compared with conventional fighters on located near airbase, UFOs are different from the other fighter jets design.
In addition to the entrance of the underground base at the foot of the pyramid, one of the photos in the section of the runway to the top of the pyramid.
Part of the surface of black color, as if it is in the shade, as if it was an open hatch, maybe there is a giant mechanism of hatch opening aircraft pass into the undergraund base, this hatch is much wider than an UFO, and fighters.
UFOs have almost the same size with modern fighters.
On the military airfield used Mig 21, Mig 24, Mig 29, F16 or F18 or their Chinese counterparts.
UFOs have been seen on the top of the pyramid, at the entrance to the underground base, and not found at the airport, through all available pictures.
Near the airfield, there are target in the form of geoglyphs in the desert.
At the landfill visible craters from missiles hit.
Next to all this, is located Chinese spaceport, with rockets, from where launch satellites.
I suppose that unidentified vehicles, which are designated as a UFO. Do not use the lifting force of the wing and the jet thrust. They use the principle of antigravity. For a place in jet engine installation, creating anti-gravity force.
I name this type of aircraft, as the “Black ghost”
UFO type of terrestrial origin, created by the military.
Antigravity long been confirmed with the fact, that for example, an article about levitating rocks that are seen in different parts of the globe.
Myth or reality: “levitating and floating in the air stones”
Are New Government Aircraft Responsible for UFO Sightings?
“It doesn’t exist officially…It uses highly pressured mercury accelerated by nuclear energy to produce a plasma that creates a field of anti-gravity around the ship. Conventional thrusters located at the tips of the craft allow it to perform all manner of rapid high-speed maneuvers along all three axes. Interestingly, the plasma generated also reduces radar signature significantly. So it’ll be almost invisible on radar & remain undetected. This literally means that it can go to any country it likes without being detected by air traffic control & air defense systems.”
The triangle-shaped aircraft has been shrouded in conspiracy and made famous during the “Phoenix Lights” incident, in which over 700 peope witnessed a boomerang shaped object floating in the sky over Phoenix, Arizona. Governor Fife Symington III requested information from the commander of Luke Air Force Base, the general of the National Guard, and the head of the Arizona Department of Public Safety. But none of the officials he contacted had an answer. Frances Barwood, the 1997 Phoenix city councilwoman who launched an investigation into the event, said that of the over 700 witnesses she interviewed, “The government never interviewed even one”, which may suggest that the United States Military is responsible for these UFO sightings.
Another rumored unit is the TR-6 Telos. In theory,
The TR6 “TELOS” is designed for use as a transatmospheric, low observable reconnaissance platform with global reach and a long loiter time over target. Employing active electromagnetic, electronic and visual camouflage it is able to penetrate all currently known defensive systems from transorbital height. The TR6 utilizes five electrogravitic generators for propulsion and is considered a “VTOL” craft not needing a runway. The landing gear is strictly for maneuvering while on the ground. The wings fold for hangar stowage. Currently there are only a handful of hangars in the world that can accept the TR6, with most of them in the US. The entire airframe acts as a multi-band communications relay capable of directly interfacing with all current US military satellite networks. The skin employs active visual camouflage using a ‘starfield’ lighting pattern along with other active stealth techniques. The TELOS platform is also capable of operating in space as well as docking with military space stations via a ventral docking hatch.
antigravity aircraft ufo
A triangular or delta shaped modern vimana called the TR-6 and invisible to the naked eye is spotted with night vision goggles. Another famous modern vimana is also triangular and called the TR-3B Astra.
Ed Grimsley shows us that we can watch the battle for our very souls almost any night using gen 3 infrared goggles or better. The vimanas & vailixi (Zechariah 5) are man-made craft that the fallen watchers taught their children- the nephilim- to make before the Great Flood (1 Enoch 9:6-9). They are lesser earthly versions of the merkabahs- angelic chariots (Ezekiel1). These have been rediscovered and retro-engineered into modern vimanas. An example of a modern vimana would be the TR-3B Astra.

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