A large fireball burned in the sky over Spain and Brazil on 31 March and 1 April 2016

Fireball 31 March 2016

This amazing fireball turned the night into day for a fraction of a second. It was observed over Spain on 31 March 2016 at 2h36m UT (4h 36m local time). The event was produced by the impact of a cometary fragment with the atmosphere at a velocity of about 90.000 km/h.
Esta bola de fuego se generó por el impacto de un fragmento de tipo cometario contra la atmósfera a unos 90.000 kilómetros por hora. Su brillo convirtió a la noche en día durante una fracción de segundo. La bola de fuego sobrevoló Albacete a las 4h 36m hora local (2h 36m UT).
Brazil Fireball Meteor 01:43 UT 1 April 2016
A very bright bolide captured by SONEAR meteor camera, a BRAMON network station
Live UFO meteors cameras
It is possible it was the fall of the medium-sized unidentified alien spacecraft, that is a UFO.

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