A huge meteor in the sky over Japan, April 22, 2016

Via Junichi Yokomichi-
実経路長が330.5 kmもある長経路なものでした。発光点は兵庫県佐用町上空の141.2 kmで消滅点が大分県豊後高田市と杵築市の境界上空の80.8 kmでした。この間を7.1秒かけて飛行したもので雄大なものです。 

Google translated-
Is Lyra meteor shower judgment of the fireball (absolute magnitude -5.5, etc.), is the result of Ueda of Osaka has orbital calculation. Below ↓
The actual path length was what long path, which is also km 330.5. Emission point was the 80.8 km of the border over the Kitsuki vanishing point at km 141.2 and a Oita Prefecture Bungotakada sky Hyogo Prefecture Sayo-cho. Thing majestic as it was flying over 7.1 seconds between this.
You can see that was a brilliant meteor from Okayama Prefecture
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