UFOs Night Vision, real and flying ducks

Shooting ducks flock flying, shot through the night vision device 1 generation through a digital camera, the device sees the good, the camera sensitivity is weak.

It can be confused with UFO squadron that often do unscrupulous submitters of UFO news.

Real UFOs bright yellow balls of varying magnitude.
Clearly visible only through night vision devices, as normal human eye does not catch the IR spectrum, which they often emit light.

4 videos of real UFOs in one night

Dogs bark at the span of two large UFO, the people were not there, the dogs sensed that something was wrong. Since UFO scanned the terrain, harmful to living organisms radiation.

There was a bright yellow glow in the form of spheres. The intensity of the glow was is more brightness of Venus. A few seconds later the lights began to fade and gradually went out, going to the invisible infrared range.
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