Watch the anti-drone BAZOOKA in action

SkyWall has programmable projectiles and a smart scope for precise aim
It uses compressed gas to power a ‘smart launcher,’ and net releases in air
A parachute will deploy after launch, bringing drone safely to the ground
System allows for fast reload so more than one drone can be captured  

The increasing availability of drones has bumped them quickly into the radar of security officials, who must be able to identify and take down an aerial threat in a moment’s notice.
With a new portable defense system by Open Works Engineering, capturing a drone has never been so easy.
SkyWall can pinpoint and take a drone down bazooka-style – and by using a net for capture and a parachute to safely fly it down, the intact object can be taken into custody for analysis.
The SkyWall 100 counter-measure system designed for civil drone threat.
It’s lightweight and portable, so it can be used by a single operator on foot.
It uses compressed gas to power a ‘smart launcher,’ along with a programmable projectile.
In a video demonstrating the system’s capabilities, the device is brought to the scene in a portable case.
Then, the operator mounts the bazooka-like mechanism onto a shoulder to locate the drone in question with the help of a smart scope.
While the operator closes in on the target, the scope provides constant feedback for a more precise aim.
The computer tracks the flight path of the drone, and calculates the necessary projectile trajectory to intercept it.
Then, the projectile is launched, opening up into a net in the air to capture the drone.
According to the video, the reload process is fast, allowing for one operator to repeatedly use to the system take down more than one drone in a multiple-threat scenario.