UFOs falling meteors fireballs mid-March 2016

17 March, the fall of of UFO and its explosion in the sky, brighter than the moon, over northern Europe.

What is a meteorite?
Meteorite or the Meteor does not have the meaning that has settled in the minds of the population.
Meteorite – the definition of the word, signifying the fall of of a celestial body on the surface of another large celestial body, planet or moon.
Word meteorite does not characterize the origin of the body, it is a kind of an unidentified object, or as we call it a UFO, that is, Unidentified Flying Object.

A bright meteor has been sighted over Britain in the early hours. Witnesses have described the object as a green flash moving south to north for a few seconds, leaving a magnesium-white trail. Sightings have been reported in locations including London, Hampshire, Stafford and on the east coast of England at 03:16 GMT.

caught on tape by Twitter user Paul Gilber

Its colour has prompted people on Twitter to describe it as the St Patrick’s Day meteor.

17 March Fireball seen from Scotch Street
17 March Fireball seen from Clanfield Observatory
17 March Fireball seen from Wilcot North East
17 March Fireball seen from Wilcot North
17 March Fireball seen from Norman Lockyer Observatory
17 March Fireball seen from Natural History Museum camera

Bright meteor streaks over Black Sea caught by video observation stations in Mayaki and Odessa, Ukraine on 9th March 2016. 

Large meteor fireball caught on dash cam in Missouri, USA March 6, 2015

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