UFO triangular formation over New York, USA

Long Description of Sighting Report
1 On my way to the supermarket 2. I like looking up to see the stars at night. 3.dont know? it remainder me of the show ancient aliens I saw something like that on this show. 4. Lights were glowing bright white then starting to fade away from right to left one by one. 
5. I was just in shock because this doesn’t happen in the Bronx! And I started recording 
This from my iPhone and was a little nervous my phone was shaking a little bit but I kept 
6. The lights were fading away one by one from right to left. I said come back!! They were gone.

Location of sighting: Bronx

Date: March 18, 2016

This object – a triangular-shaped UFO. Mythical TRB 3 if you want, which is taken as a prototype airship, in 10 seasons of the series X-files.
Lights – emissions are energy rays from the triangle bases, most often such objects reside in an orbit.

99 percent of the housing of the flying object are out of phase, the usual human perception.
Part of the ship shifted to another area of ​​the Earth, the so-called subspace, essential field of the Earth through which, through teleports – portals, move the UFO.
In this case, the object was not planning to be seen, it is likely that a system failure, stealth mode, and partly the ship materialized in our space.

Video 1

Video 2

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