UFO Sighting in Portland, Oregon. The UFO near the Moon

Date of sighting:  2015-07-01 03:00
Location: Portland
Sighting Details
My wife was filming the full moon with her nikon coolpix p100 camera set up on a tripod in our front yard. this took place on the night of july 1, 2015 at approximately 11pm. she wanted to see how fast the moon would go across the lens. we didn’t notice anything until we added it to our computer to view it in a larger format. that’s when we noticed something flying by the moon towards the end of the video. it is a white object, whether it’s white or just the reflection from the sun is unknown to us. at approximately 2:04 minutes of the video, total length of video is 2:36 minutes long, we noticed it. it streaked from the top, right of center, left of the moon, to the bottom right and out of the view of the camera. as i said, we did not see this until after we put it on the computer. we think it’s a ufo, but are not really sure. that’s why we are sending it to you as you have the equipment to check it out. we have viewed the video over 20 times and still can’t figure it out. our computer is not set up to enhance or enlarge, so as i said, we really can’t tell what it is.

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