The movement in the sky of stars over the past 60 years

Propper motion of M51

Choose any area of ​​the sky such as occupying M51, the spiral Whirlpool Galaxy. If we compare for example the marked area with an image of the same field taken by DSS (Digitized Sky Survey) 60 years ago we can see how some stars look that they have been displaced. Actually, all the stars move.
The apparent stillness is the product of the enormous distances that separates us from them, something that makes the movement can be perceived only by comparison of different observations separated by long periods of time.

“DSS image is of the Schmidt telescope 48-inch at Monte Palomar (CA, USA) only one frame in April 8, 1956. My image is a stack of 30x300s the last year in March 29, 2015 (59 years apart)”

Said Álvaro Ibáñez Pérez from Spain.

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