Huge UFO sighting over Odessa, Ukraine

According to the staff, there was a UFO above the sea near the coast.
But, the official Chronicle for December 4: “… in the Black Sea off the coast of Turkey gathered a fleet of NATO warships …”
More than 20 ships and aircraft of NATO in the Black Sea
I believe that NATO can have units “men in black” with technologies like UFOs. Or rather a triangle UFO

But from Odessa, these actions the squadron can not be seen, they were far Crimean fleet would be informed about this approach of a potential enemy.

Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Date of sighting: 04 December 2015

Judging by the fact that other witnesses are absent from Odessa, his UFO radiation brainwashed everyone who was close enough to the sea, people either lost their memory, or just see the illusion and did not notice the object. Or just shoot the brain of authors of the video did not succumb to the illusory zombification.

Reality seen by many other witnesses, and unfortunately, the long stay of the object in the air, took only a single witness, from one point of the area.