Giant UFO meteorites fall on the United States

Date of first observation of the object: 7 March  2016 around 8:10pm Pacific Time.
Location: Las Vegas, California, USA

Date of observation of the second object: 8 March  2016 around 21:45 Pacific
Location: near Sand Canyon, California USA

Both videos can be seen as a kind of an unidentified object enters the dense layers of the atmosphere.
The first object was very large and split into many pieces during re-entry.
But it’s not coming off the satellite orbit or orbital debris.
Such objects are tracked, for their time and place of fall is known in advance.
Officials as a starting base and astronomical association do not expect any of decay of orbital debris.
It was a UFO that slowly descended from orbit and began to burn in the atmosphere, or it can be astroid or a portion thereof, as in the day he had to cross the Earth’s orbit.
The second object was very small and rapidly burned in the atmosphere.

Sand Canyon

Huntsville Alabama
07.03.2016 04:56 UTC

Boston, MA
08.03.2016 08:33 UTC

What is a meteorite?
Meteorite or shooting star does not have the meaning that has settled in the minds of the population.
Meteorite – the definition of the word, signifying the fall of a celestial body on the surface of another large celestial body, planet or moon.
The word does not describe the origin of the meteorite body, it is a kind of an unidentified object, or as we call it a UFO, that is, Unidentified Flying Object.

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