Black disc-shaped UFO over Malaysia

Date of sighting: March 15, 2016

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Long Description of Sighting Report
It was in around 5.30 pm in the evening. The sky was cloudy but still brightly lit. I had just thrown a bag of rubbish out and was closing my gate when I looked up and saw a black object. My first reaction was I thought I saw a bird. However, something was not right as the object has no wings and was flying quite high in the sky. The area that I am staying is where passenger planes flies and I am quite accustomed to the height of these planes are flying. The object I observed was flying at approximately the same height of these passenger planes are flying. That at this point in time I realize that I am not witnessing a bird (to high for a bird, no wings) or balloon (too big) but an unidentified object. I have my iphone with me at the time and I quickly start to record the object. I had a clear view of the object, it is very large (the size of the nose or cockpit section of a passenger plane). The object is flying very fast, the speed of an passenger plane. To recap, I am quite accustomed to passenger planes flying above my house. The object is square like but as it flies and turns, I can see that the top part of the object is rectangular with straight lines running across from the center to the edge. The object did not emit any sound at all as it flew by.I lost sight of the object when it flew to the back of my house. 
I have shown the video to a few of my close friends but none of them can explain what flew by my house that day.
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