Ancient tycoons

Mysterious discovery in Siberia

The royal tomb known as Arzhan 2 in the modern-day Republic of Tuva – to many, the most mysterious region in all Russia – is some 2,600 years old but its valuables match any trove from any era anywhere in the world. 

Here inside a mound 80 metres wide was buried a warrior tsar with a sway that plainly reached over a vast territory of mountains and steppes, and whose magnificent possessions indicated close contacts with other civilisations.

By assumption, the scientists of the RAS, ancient Tuvan nomads were made and wore just such a clothes lined with gold, and gold jewelry.

In one of the mounds excavated, scientists have discovered the burial of an unknown man with a woman.
Their clothing consisted of more than 9300 gold “beads”, made in the style of animal ornamentation.

These beads hardly differed from one another. And whether it would have been produced on an assembly line.
Next 20 kg of gold were detected.

Neither of which currently nomads …

Today precoating for 20 kg of gold per month is needed hundreds of tons of soil washing large industrial unit, several excavators and trucks.

Probably, scientists believe that a simple man in the street, did not notice that the nomad yurt does not accommodate for gold mining equipment and small jewelry factory.
Or, perhaps, it is believed that the life of ancient nomads was so carefree that they did not know what to do, just do it and stamped gold products in the factory.
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