Activity UFO octopus, March 2016

A copy of the lost photograph of the Petrozavodsk object
The first type of activity – the materialization of UFOs in our space.
When the UFO octopus, are watching firsthand eyewitnesses.
Drawing of eyewitness
Place of observation: Lawrence, Kansas
Date: March 4, 2016

Long Description of Sighting Report
I walked outside to take my dog on a short walk. I left out back of my apartment to the courtyard. I looked up because I noticed a plane flying NE overhead.

At this time I noticed something which appeared to be escorting the plane. As it was flying over the apartment the entity appears that it was done with it’s escorting mission. It broke off from the plane in a 90 degree flight path from the plane and continued directly North as the plane remained NE.

The entity looks like a large Jellyfish with the head appearing to look more like a boomer-rang. It had appendages coming off from the head. It didn’t change shape or morph it remained the same shape until it I could no longer see it and vanished into the dark. The color of the entity was a dark orange/brown color. There was no sound that emanated from the entity I only briefly heard the sound of the airplane. I could not tell what type of airplane flew over the house because at the time it was dark.

The second type of activity – the physical impact on the surrounding space.

Above the Scandinavian Peninsula early in the morning March 19, 2016 recorded the fall of unidentified space body.

In the evening after 20 hours after the fall, it recorded very rare for the region’s earthquake, a magnitude greater than 4 on the northern coast of Sweden.
It looks like a local destruction of underground UFO base, with the burning of orbiting objects.

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