Abnormal Forest in Poland

Presented nature sanctuary is covered with numerous mysteries. It is known that the pine forest was planted in the 30s of the last century. “Crooked Forest” is situated on the land, the length of 1.7 hectares. It is filled with about 400 bizarre pines. It is now a kingdom of peace and tranquility (not chirping birds, the wind whistling very plugged), which is interrupted only by admiring exclamations of tourists. Be extremely careful, the area is under the close protection of UNESCO and the Polish authorities. For his visit need to purchase a special pass (located 40 km from the beginning of a wonderful tour).
An interesting feature of native trees is the fact that they are bent at a right angle only to the north side, and thereafter gradually begin to level off, forming a colorful arc. The height of individuals is around 15 meters.
One of the chips for the tourists is the possibility of the meal and rest in the crook of a tree straight. It turns out a kind of hammock. You can make a sufficient number of unusual photos on memory.