UFO hiding in the clouds

In this video in the sky among the clouds, moving something weird, not at all like a cloud. The object is similar to the extended disk, or cigar shaped cylinder.

You can see how he gradually disappears, perhaps UFO gaining height, rising above the clouds or goes into stealth mode. Object as would be hazy, hidden behind a haze, the camera was put up for a shot, to detect some anomalies. But when the camera was in the sky could be seen any objects. Only when viewing records, it has been possible to examine the object. Why it was not visible eyes. Most likely the case in the light spectrum. All digital cameras capture the near-infrared and ultraviolet range, at wavelengths from 300 to 600 nanometers, on digital cameras are, filter that block infrared radiation, ranging from 600 ending with 1000 nanometres. In this range is just the most interesting, what the human eye sees not, exceptions are only DVR and surveillance camera with IR illumination, light filter on them are not. UFO stayed in the near-IR range that take cameras, but not visible to the eye.