The lights in the sky that was mistaken for UFOs were military show

A strange phenomenon was observed residents of Florida, late at night, February 11, 2016.

Strange glowing lights, gently sloping down from the sky and changing its position, the locals at first mistaken for UFOs.

But in the course of the proceedings it became clear that this annual show US Marines, which just ends February 11 night.
Army paratroopers jumped with light signaling, glowing lights.

They are here!!! 5:55am this morning walking out of my house…
John Shannon 

The Golden Knights just finished up three days of night jumps at the 2016 Annual Certification Cycle at Homestead Air Reserve Base in Homestead, FL. Here are some of the images captured during their jumps. What image do you like the best, let us know. #ArmyTeam #HARB #makingadifference
US Army Golden Knights

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