Orb Entity Caught On Security Cam?

That same is what?
There is a simple explanation.
The first object.
This is a typical Chinese Lantern.
If takes a carefully, you can see that the object is stretched horizontally.
Object is constantly swinging, so do Chinese lanterns.
Video filmed at night surveillance camera with infrared perception.
This is a great lamp brightness for a camera with such sensitivity matrix full video object. Besides flame gives a lot of infrared radiation, which makes the object visible camera caught. Visible spot that swinging flickers only flame.
Trajectory associated with temperature differences between water and land.
When hot air Lantern flies up, and the wind plays an important role.

Object number two and three, too easy to explain.
Focus camera is configured to distant objects.
All objects in the large proximity are out-of-focus camera.
All such objects will be blurred, and similar to muddy spot.
Cameras work infrared night illumination.
Objects near reflect infrared light camera.
So objects appear luminous spheres.
Because cameras are located on the street and not cleaned, it can be garbage, dust, everything is swinging on the web from spiders.
Perhaps even a small insect, which attracts the invisible infra-red light cameras.
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