natgeotravel Video by @bertiegregory. After travelling to the…

natgeotravel Video by @bertiegregory. After travelling to the already fairly remote Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic Ocean, we loaded a 50ft sailboat to the brim with our camera gear. Having never lived on a little sailboat for 5 weeks, we were all apprehensive of how it would work. The most daunting part of the shoot was fortunately right at the beginning. To get to our filming location (the island of South Georgia) we had to sail for 6 days through what could potentially be some of the roughest ocean on the planet. Thankfully we were in great hands and the weather was fairly cooperative. Soon after setting sail, the days seem to blur into one. To find out how we achieved such a stable image whilst our boat rolled around in the big swell 400 miles from land, follow @bertiegregory

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Early Impact Huntington’s disease is one of the few inherited…

Early Impact

Huntington’s disease is one of the few inherited conditions whose genetic cause is clear-cut; this neurodegenerative disease develops in all individuals with abnormal nucleotide repeats in their Huntingtin (or HTT) gene sequence. Yet how this defective HTT causes neuronal loss is unclear, and the disease remains incurable. While most patients develop symptoms as adults, new research suggests that problems arise much earlier. To spot the first signs of Huntington’s, scientists monitored the development of the disease in human stem cells. They noticed that, as neurons [nerve cells] began to form, inaccurate partitioning of DNA during cell division led to abnormal neurons, with several nuclei per cell (pictured, as clusters of blue spheres). Cell lines completely lacking HTT showed similar issues, suggesting that the lack of a functional HTT could be causing the problem in Huntington’s. This fresh focus on early development could yield new avenues for research on this devastating condition.

Written by Emmanuelle Briolat

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