Northwestern, WI Winter Storm & Waves on Lake Superior – 10/27/2017 [00:03:23]

First winter storm slams Northwestern WI. Storm caused problems on the roads. The winter storm also produced large wave heights on Lake Superior. This video package will show the heavy snow and car accidents along with the big waves on Lake Superior.
Shot Description

Clip 1. A car in the ditch. Highway 53.
Clip 2. SUV in the ditch. Highway 53.
Clip 3. Heavy snow falling.
Clip 4. Heavy snow falling with a snow covered stop sign.
Clip 5. Snow covered signs.
Clip 6. Heavy snow falling.
Clip 7. Big waves on Lake Superior.
Clip 8. Tree blown over by strong winds by Lake Superior.
Clip 9- 12. Waves crashing over rocks.
Clip 13. Big waves crashing onto the shore.
Clip 14. Waves crashing over the walkway.
Clip 15. Heavy snow falling with a tree that the waves knocked over.
Clip 16. More heavy snow falling.